Sunday, July 27, 2014

"The question is not who is going to let me; It's who is going to stop me."

- Ayn Rand

I have to admit I'm not quite an adventurous person. For most people I can be consider as a dull person. I rather stay at home, go for coffee, visit a new restaurant, visit a friend, having a girly day with my best friend than going to a crowded wild party or a trendy bar.

But the wild adventure I really enjoy doing is,  city sightseeing with my crazy, awesome friend Mono del Espacio. We have visited some really fascinating places, most of them forgotten by the society.

This wall in particular was designed by one of the most famous Guatemalan cubist artists: Carlos Merida.

In this outfit I wanted something sporty yet girly, so I chose this badass vest from Dress Code Guate, a neon sports bra and a printed pencil skirt. (If you are the kind of girl who's always searching for unique pieces, you should definitely check out what Dress Code Guate has to offer.)

Of course these amazing photos were taken by my talented friend Mono del Espacio. (You should all check out his tumblr account!!)

Thanks a lot for reading!!


 I don't want fortune cookies, I want fortune walls..

Last Saturday I had the fortune to attend an art event, in one of the most awesome abandoned buildings in Guatemala city. There were a lot of really good artists who exposed their latest pieces, I really enjoyed almost all of the exhibitions. (Yep, I changed my hair color!)

I bumped into my awesome friend Mono del Espacio, who introduced me to Melvin. The amazing artist who filled with fortune and beauty a dull old wall, in front of all us who visited his exhibition.

For this event I chose to wear a smart outfit: a comfy pair of distressed black jeans, a coke t-shirt and a pale pink faux leather jacket, I just bought a couple of days ago. I love to wear faux leather jackets for rainy days, they really protect you from the rain without getting ruin, plus they always make you look like a rock star.

I also got my mani done a couple of days ago, with a Pollock paint inspired nail polish. It went perfect for the event so I was showing it a little bit off.

This awesome photos were taken by the super talented Mono del Espacio, check his tumblr out to see all the photos from that fun day!

Thanks a lot for reading!!

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