Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mondays hate me..

One of my favorite combinations to wear is black over black. It just makes me feel very comfortable every time. 

For this look I felt like wearing a sand trench coat over my "all black outfit". Not only because it has been raining a lot here in Guatemala city, but also it gave me a different look a more polished one.
Sorry for my super crazy hair, I didn't have time to comb myself.
Hope you guys like it!! 

This beautiful photos were taken by my dear friend Pablo Estrada Segura.

Thanks a lot for reading!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My dull scent

I've been wanting to share more about my style with you guys, this is my first post  (of many, I hope) about my beauty products.  I promise to write every Wednesday a lifestyle post, so you can get to know my overall style a little bit more.

Basically all of these products are the ones who leave me smelling great. I know they are a lot! but I stick to only two basic scents: fruity and floral. Naturally they go really well together, so I'm not scared of mixing them.

For my daily moisturizer I use cocoa & Shea butter Suave body cream, this leaves a really light vanillaish scent on my body. I use Polo Ralph Lauren #2 perfume and mist, this leaves a floral scent. For my hair I use Argan oil leave in cream, (it leaves a floral scent). Smoothing stuff from Bed Head, this is a hair styling cream (it has an amazing fruity scent). And because my hair it's so long it gets tangled a lot so I use Jhonson's baby anti-tangled hair spray, (it leaves a fruity scent.)

I hope you like it! If you have any questions feel free to ask ;)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Marble & Pink

One of my favorite textures of all times has been marble. I love how elegant and cold it is, it looks amazing in matte or polished. But I think what I love the most about it is how ancient it is and it's always on trend. (Now it's even a trendy print).

So why not wearing it! It's so perfect that it even looks cold and elegant on clothes. 
For this outfit I wore a marble print mini skirt from Zara (no longer available) and mixed it with a basic t-shirt and a faux leather jacket in my favorite color: Pink! 

I must say I failed with the shoes, I mean they look all right, but I think it would have looked much better with some ankle booties.

This beautiful photos were taken by my awesome and talented friend Pablo E. Segura.

Thanks a lot for reading guys!

Monday, June 16, 2014

I don't want fortune cookies, I want fortune walls..

Last Saturday I had the fortune to attend an art event, in one of the most awesome abandoned buildings in Guatemala city. There were a lot of really good artists who exposed their latest pieces, I really enjoyed almost all of the exhibitions. (Yep, I changed my hair color!)

I bumped into my awesome friend Mono del Espacio, who introduced me to Melvin. The amazing artist who filled with fortune and beauty a dull old wall, in front of all us who visited his exhibition.

For this event I chose to wear a smart outfit: a comfy pair of distressed black jeans, a coke t-shirt and a pale pink faux leather jacket, I just bought a couple of days ago. I love to wear faux leather jackets for rainy days, they really protect you from the rain without getting ruin, plus they always make you look like a rock star.

I also got my mani done a couple of days ago, with a Pollock paint inspired nail polish. It went perfect for the event so I was showing it a little bit off.

This awesome photos were taken by the super talented Mono del Espacio, check his tumblr out to see all the photos from that fun day!

Thanks a lot for reading!!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

All I have is denim in my head.

One of my personal fashion challenges was to rock a cap. For me it's extremely hard to wear hats or caps, cause my head it's to big, so I feel silly wearing them.

This cap is special though, that's why I gave it a shot. It's from Zoad 1, I really love that it's made of a cool washed denim with leather details. Plus it's super comfortable and best of all it fits my big head properly.

I wanted to wear a simple outfit, so I mixed my Zoad cap with an oversize knit sweater, a skater neoprene skirt and a classy pair of ankle straps. These shoes gave the whole look a feminine and sophisticated touch.

This is how I think I rocked a cap, I hope you guys like it!

These amazing pictures were taken by awesome and talented photographer  Pablo Estrada Segura.

Thanks a lot for reading!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Where the Wild Things are.

Rainy days in Guatemala can be tricky sometimes. It's that period of the year when summer is saying goodbye and winter is starting, so the days can be really hot and all of a sudden cold and rainy.

For this kind of days I like wearing my usual summer outfits with a bit of my winter outfits. (just like the days). In this outfit I wore high waisted shorts with an over sized mesh tank (summer outfit) and added an over sized long cardigan and ankle boots in case it rained. (which did)

I think what I love the most about this kind of outfits is that you can look completely different just by adding one key piece. In this case my blue printed cardigan.

I also added a turban (which I did it myself), it finishes the total outfit making it look effortless and cool.
I think this is one of my favorite looks of the year so far. I just loved how it worked!!

These amazing and beautiful photos were taken by the incredible talented Pablo Estrada Segura.

Thanks a lot for reading!!