Monday, April 7, 2014

Over-size = comfy-size

Yesterday I had one of the greatest day's of the year so far! I had the pleasure to assist to "Bonito mi barrio" street art exhibition, later I attended to an anime convention. Which I have to admit I had a great time!

Because these where outdoors events besides it was a really hot sunny day, I decided to wear a comfy mesh tank top. This tank is amazing for hot summer days, it's breezy, sheer and fabulous. I consider it a basic piece in every wardrobe, no matter your style, you always need an over-sized black tank top.

I wanted an edgy look, so I wore my trusty high-waisted shorts. Instead of wearing my tank inside my shorts, I decided to wear it like a mini dress, so I would feel more fresh, free and comfortable.

Underneath my sheer tank, I wore a white and turquoise bikini top. I mean why not, the day was so hot, plus I was going to summer parties so I could get away with it.

I finished my outfit with my wonderful sporty high-stack ankle straps, (they are so comfy it's like wearing sneakers!)  and my always so chic body necklace.

I love to wear over-sized clothing, my secret is not to wear all my over-sized pieces at the same time. If I do so, I would look sloppy and neglected. I like to create a balance between a nice fitting piece and always wear heels to make the piece appealing and simply chic.

Thanks a lot for reading!!

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