Monday, April 21, 2014

The grandma, grey cardigan

I think the god of basics has to be the cardigan! It has been a basic even before basics where invented. This is one of those weird pieces that looks great on babies, kids, teens, adults and even great grandma's!! Honestly which other piece has that ability? It's just amazing!!

The cardigan can be a little tricky, either you look like a kid or like a mom. (Yep! I was called "ma'am" a few times before, just like the blazer! )  The key to wear it young, is to keep your inner outfit with edgy yet simple pieces.
Here are my 3 personal rules when I wear a cardigan.

     1. Wear a tank top or a sleeveless top. There's nothing more uncomfortable than wearing a thick  sleeve.
Never ever, wear it with a button down shirt or dress!This immediately ages me. 

    2. Wear easy going bottoms. It can be either any kind of shorts, cool jeans or a trendy skirt. Never a pencil skirt or trousers. They also immediately age me.

     3. Roll up a bit the sleeves, to give an effortless vibe to the whole look. ( I might break this rule sometimes, depending on the look I want to wear.)

For the shoes I don't have a rule. I literally wear any kind of shoe. For this look I wanted something more comfortable, cause I was going for a walk with my dog (a husky). So I really needed super comfy shoes for a busy hot summer day.

I loved this look, It not only worked for my morning walk with my dog, but also worked for a summer lunch and later when I grabbed some ice-coffee with friends.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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