Sunday, April 13, 2014

The boyish crop top

For tonight's post I am going to talk about the crop top. Although a lot of people don't consider it a basic, for me, it is. Not only because it's a really strong trend, but also it's very versatile and easy to wear.

 There are a bunch of crop top styles, some of them are flattering some aren't. The key to find the perfect one, is to know your own body. Personally the ones that fit me great are the ones that are really fitted to my body, or the ones that are a little over-sized. Because I'm busty I can not wear those that have a lot of embellishment or flares. They make me look heavy and squared.

For this look I chose a boyish crop top, it's like a regular t-shirt, so it's not to over- sized. To add sassiness to the look, I mixed with a neoprene, tropical print skirt. (This kinds of skirts are amazing, they fit great and go with almost everything.)

I wet to the zoo that day, so I really needed comfy shoes. I decided to wore my Pony sneakers, although at the end of the day I realized they weren't so comfy after all..

This was how I mixed and matched my boyish crop top. It was an easy going look, with an effortless vibe of course.

Thanks a lot for reading!!

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