Sunday, April 27, 2014

Shirt affair

A few days ago a had the pleasure to work with a great store called "Cephas Store". They sell all kinds of t-shirts promoting different bands, like: The devil wears prada, Demon hunter, Figure four, August burns red, The agony scene, and a lot more.

We shot a lot of different shirts, but I picked my favorite 5 looks. We created simple and effortless outfits, so the shirts would pop a lot more.

 I have to say that all of the shirt were super comfortable, plus they are really easy to wear. Either you can wear them down in a relax way or glam it a little for a casual trendy way.

Not only the shirts were super cool, but also the location we picked for the photoshoot is amazing. It's my second favorite place in the city. I have such great memories in this place, it literally has seen me grow. The vibe it's just great!

This was my first collab as "Dull thing with style" with a clothing store. I'm super honored and grateful for being part of this photo shoot.

- All of the shirts are from Cephas Store, you can visit here:

- Photos by Armin Alvarado

Thanks a lot for reading!

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