Sunday, August 31, 2014

Love affair

One of the things that make me so damn different from other girls is that I actually don't like having a standard boyfriend. For me having a relationship means a lot more than just the "cute" stuff, like holding hands, flowers, nicknames, etc.. I can't stand those things!

So whenever I want a pair of real boyfriend jeans I have to buy them. This is how I bumped into these amazing Distefano skinny jeans. They are actually for men, but they fit me perfect! Even my butt looks nice on them. (I'll post a picture of my butt wearing this jeans on my Instagram. So you can see it for yourselves.) They do not fit like the standard boyfriend fit jeans, that's why I had to have them.

I also wanted to show you guys 6 different ways of how I fold the hem of my jeans, and how I mix it with different pairs of shoes.

These super cool photos were taken by the beautiful and awesome Sarah Caroline Müller. 

I hope you guys find this helpful Thanks a lot for reading!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Grandpa sweater

As you all know I love to wear over sized clothes. They have the ability to add a cool vibe to every outfit, no matter what piece it is. If it's over sized, it's going to look great!

The key to rock an over sized piece, is to create a balance. For example: Whenever I wear this super comfy over sized cardigan, I wear it with more fitted clothes underneath: A basic crop top and a pair of high waisted shorts. (the shorts are from Dresscode).

To add a sassy touch, I chose to wear these feminine pumps from Wanderlust. They also make my legs look longer, which is a double plus!

These awesome photos were taken by the great Pablo Estrada Segura.

Thanks a lot for reading!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Queen of hearts

One of my favorite things to wear are shorts! I love how free my legs feel, how effortlessly cool they look. Personally I believe shorts are a must have in every closet. You should have at least a pair of denim shorts and another pair with a cool print. These ones are from the beautiful store BOHO. 

I think you can wear shorts with pretty much anything: sweaters, crop tops, tank tops, t-shirts, dressy blouses etc.. For this outfit I wore an amazing pair of printed shorts from BOHO, a basic black tank top and a stunning snap back from ZOAD.

These beautiful photos were taken by the incredible Pablo Estrada Segura. 

Thanks a lot for reading!!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunny rainy days

Sunny rainy days are the weirdest days ever! It can get really hard dressing for those kinds of days.

I like wearing easy basics, like a pair of boyfriend jeans and a silk blouse. They're breeze enough for the heat but also they can be very comfortable to wear when it rains.
I love to wear coats, but I get to wear them to much. So whenever I can, I wear them a lot. Most of my coats are really light like this one, so I don't feel like I'm burning in case the day heats up.

These amazing photos where taken by my awesome friend Pablo E. Segura.

Thanks a lot for reading!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Simple summer, perfect days..

Guatemala is known for having an endless spring, but now it's known a lot more for its endless summer. For me that's totally fine! There is no greater feeling than a simple summer day.

These kind of days inspire me in such a way, that I just feel the need to create simple breeze summer outfits. I adore to wear girly dresses, this one in particular is simply perfect!! It's one of those magical pieces that become treasures in your closet. I found it in one of the most beautiful stores in Guatemala: BOHO. 

I wore my BOHO drees on an unconventional way. I tucked the short dress underneath the lace dress inside my ripped shorts, added a pair of black ankle boots and I let my hair dance with the wind.

Don't forget to visit BOHO, I'm pretty sure you will find great pieces!!

These lovely photos were taken by my talented and awesome friend Pablo E. Segura.

Thanks a lot for reading!!