Monday, March 31, 2014

The edgy cocktail look

Tonight I have to write about the last two things from my "10 things to try this month" list!
Because I didn't have any more time, I decided to wear two of the trends in one look. I mixed "Rock a sporty look" with "Add allure to a midi-skirt".

As you can see I didn't add to much allure to that midi-skirt, actually I chose this skirt because it already has allure by itself. It fits super goo, showing off my curves.

I picked this neoprene jersey, not only to mixed both trends, but also I wanted to give an easy, cool, effortless vibe to the skirt.

To keep it stylish I wore this amazing red lipstick. This one is "402" outlast, lipstain from Covergirl. It really lasts forever!!

To keep the look trendy, feminine and fresh, I wore this basic black d'orsay pumps.

I wore this sporty inspired look to a beauty event that I had to attend for work. I felt super comfortable and chic. Because it was a creative event, I really got away with this edgy cocktail look.

So this is my last post from my "10 things to try this month". Actually I didn't get to do all of them, I missed "get a new mani", I did get a new mani, but I just had trouble taking pictures and preparing material for the post. I promise to write about April's mani though!

Thanks a lot for reading!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wearing White

Wearing all white was another thing I wanted to try this month. I have to say, this has been the biggest challenge ever!

I can create all white outfits for other people to wear, I find it so easy. But for me, it just didn't work..

First of all my white jeans don't fit anymore, they are two sizes bigger than my actual size, and all my white blouses are over-sized so it didn't work.  I tried, but I didn't felt comfortable, it was too loose and a lot of white for me (a "do you have this in black" kinda girl.)

But I did created a inspired look, that I did felt comfortable with.  Although this was the whitest I could go.

I wanted a simple clean oufit, I chose an oversize pj's inspired silk blouse, with a marble print fold over mini skirt. This piece adds so much style to any simple outfit, but I have to be honest, I can't bent over at all! So that makes it not so comfortable to wear, but for me it's worth it!

I really felt I needed a little bit more dark colors in my look so I wore a black berry lipstick. This one it's  "black berry color fast" from Max Factor.

Because the skirt it's too short, I decided to wear this amazing ankle strap sandals. This are one of my favorite heels to wear, they are super comfortable (I'm not lying!!) , plus they always give this classy vibe to any look I wear them with. 

I didn't succeed in this challenge, but I was really glad and comfortable wearing this look! 

Thanks so much for reading!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wearing down a "LBD"

Today I tried another thing of my "10 things to try this month" list: "wear a lbd in an effortless way".  I wanted a challenge so I decided to wear a basic and dressy sheath dress. The challenge was to really wear it down, so the look would be casual and sporty.

Today I had run a lot of errands, so I really wanted a super comfortable outfit. I just knew I had to wear my dressy black dress for this.

I must say it wasn't easy at all! This dress is very dressy and uptight, so I had to combine it with sporty pieces to achieve a  sproty, casual effortless look.

I started by adding layers to the dress: I chose an over-sized crop shirt with fringes and a distressed denim vest with little studs here and there.

To top all this pieces off, I put aside my heels for today, and decided to wear my super comfortable new balance sneakers. They add this pop of color in an edgy way, I love to wear them with "all black" outfits.

I like to think I really pull it off. I felt really good, it was like I was keeping a secret with my dressy dress underneath this sporty look.

Thanks a lot for reading!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

The blazer, some silk and a skull

Tonight I can check another thing out of my list: "Really rock a blazer"! I have to say, this is not easy for me, I have some kind of phobia for blazers. What's funny is that couple of years ago, I used to adore them. I have a lot of them in every color stored in my closet! 

The story why I don't like very much wearing a blazer is that they immediately add me years, I just look so much older. I started noticing that when random people in the street would "mam" me. I don't mind looking my age don't get me wrong, but "mam" it was too much, it freaked me out and I just stopped wearing blazers. Since that day, I haven't been called "mam" again!

Now whenever I want to wear a blazer I always, always go for really effortless looks, the more casual the better! So, this look it's really casual, effortless and easy to wear, specially for hot summer days.

I wore this amazing blazer, it was my mom's back in the 70's, it's made of line so it's really breezy, plus the color it's just incredible. It's a dusty lilac, really trendy right now.

I mixed it with a light, silk blouse. I love this kind of blouses they always work, no matter with what I wear them, they always make me look simply nice.
I added my favorite skull necklace, (this won't be the last time you see it!) for a more kind of edgy vibe.

Because I wanted something very casual, I decided to combine all this pieces with some distressed, hombré washed, denim shorts. They gave me that young factor that I needed. To top that off, I added a pair of sporty inspired sandals. To keep that young edgy vibe to the whole look.

I must say nobody "mam" me the whole day and night, and I did a lot of activities: beauty supplies shopping, went for an ice-cream, lunch, some shopping and later that night I wet to the movies. So I can say I really rocked that blazer!

Thanks a lot for reading my lovely readers!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A printed maxi skirt and ice-cream, for a perfect sunny day.

Friday's mid days are ice-cream day with my dad. We both love ice-creams, the pistaccio flavor is our favorite! We usually do an activity like grocery shopping or going to the zoo or something like that and then we have our ice-cream. (Before lunch, cause we like being naughty.)

This past Friday was very windy, but it was also hot and we were going to do the usual shopping and ice-cream. So I decided to wear a printed maxi skirt, they are breezy but I never get cold wearing them.

I wanted a simple and easy look, so I combined the skirt with a solid white crop top, a light washed denim jacket and my favorite skull necklace. I love how no matter what outfit I'm wearing, it always goes with everything! ( I literally wear it almost every day!)

I finished it with my basic black sandals, they are super comfortable to walk with. They have an amazing high stacked heel. They went perfect with the skirt.

I always have a blast with my dad, and this day was no different! 

Thanks a lot for reading!!


Friday, March 21, 2014

Wearing my old trendy mules.

Today I can check another thing out of my "10 things to try this month" list: Wearing my old trendy mules.

This heels have a really special place in my closet, I have had them for about 6-7 years now. They were my very first heels ever!! I still remember the day my mom bought them for me, she gave them to me just because they match perfectly my favorite cocktail dress. So I wore them a lot back then. But I had to store them for a while, cause they weren't trendy anymore. Now it's time to bring them back!

For this look I wanted to wear something very simple and comfortable, so my precious mules would pop. I decided to wear a comfy T-shirt, I love the print of this one. I don't know why some people think that the "simple and comfortable" pieces have to be boring.. 

Anyway, I mixed it with a cropped, ripped, light blue jeans. I chose to wear cropped jeans so my mules would have more attention. Plus wearing mules like this ones with cropped pants, it's always a great idea, your legs would appear to be longer. 

My advice to you, all my lovely readers is: "Do not get rid of your first heels!" they always come back, and who knows maybe you can create some sort of tradition: Passing on your first heels to your daughter, niece or whoever you love. (If you don't destroy them of course.)

Thanks a lot for reading!! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

No. 3, Trying a New Restaurant

March is going fast, and I just have checked two things from my "10 thing to do this month!"
But today I can check one more: Try a new restaurant.

Some of my dearest friends and I had quite some time of not seen each other, and we really needed to! So One of them proposed a lunch date at an organic restaurant, here in Guatemala called "Pitaya Juice bar".

Some of my friends and I were first timers there. The food and the drinks were delish! Plus It was a really nice place to chat and catch up with my friends. I had a great time! (sorry for the crappy photo, I left my camera at home.)

It was a beautiful sunny day, so I wanted to wear something fresh and casual. I went for a long sleeve crop top. Even though it's a long sleeve top, it's breeze and comfortable to wear in warm days.

I complemented it with a high waisted denim shorts. I'm in love with this ones, I wear them all the time, they always give me this effortless chic look.

I really appreciate when clothes have little details, and this shorts are filled with them.

I adore to wear shorts with heels, but sometimes it can be a little tricky, I don't want to look trashy or like I'm trying to hard. So I always go for minimal heels in neutral colors. I really like how they look with ankle straps. I just bought this ones a couple of days ago, and I'm really proud of them. They are super comfortable, go with everything and add a trendy vibe to every look I wear them with.

This look really worked for me. Later that day I went to a "Max Leiva" exhibition at "Poporopo" art gallery/bar and believe it or not, I felt dressy!! yet appropriate for the place where it was, which I may add, that it's a great place!!

If you want to see how the outfit looked on me visit my "lookbook".

Thanks a lot for reading!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

DIY: Chopping a lace dress.

This is my first "do it your self" post. I must say, I really enjoy doing this kinds of projects in my spare time. I usually do it with pieces I already have in my closet, that I dont' love anymore. It's like giving new life to an old, dated piece.

For today's "DIY" I chose this long lace dress. I found this treasure in my aunt's closet, she told me she only wore it once, back on the 60's!! 

I really loved how it fitted me, but it had an odd length. Besides it needed to have a sheer panel or something, the lace it's so beautiful but it didn't show because of the solid black lining underneath it.

My solution was to chop both, the lace dress and the lining in separate ways. I left the dress on a knee length and the lining shorter so it would have a lace panel on the bottom. I cut the hem following the lace's own natural shape, so it could have more exposure.

This is how I chopped a lace dress for my very first time. I really love the results, now it's a basic, trendy and chic dress. I am going to use it a lot more often now. I promise to share some looks with it.

Thanks a lot for reading!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Metals, blossoms and bees.

Last Saturday I had to attend  a wedding ceremony. It was officiated during midday, in one of the most beautiful churches here in Guatemala.

I must say, I truly dislike going to weddings. It's a personal thing.. But,  I like being polite, so if I'm invited, I'll go. Probably I'll break some dress code rules, cause let's face it: they're just boring and sometimes absurd!

For this look I decided to wear a two piece set dress. Although it was a cropped top, the pencil skirt was high waisted, so I didn't show my stomach.
I went for a long sleeve top with crew neck and a knee length pencil skirt. (this was me being polite, following the rules.) But I chose a bold, yet feminine print. (this was me being naughty, breaking the rules.)

I wanted to keep the glamour, but I also wanted to add some edge to the outfit. So I wore this fabulous metallic sandals with cutouts. I just love how much they add to any outfit I wear with them.

To add a little more edge in a feminine way, I wore this pretty bee long earrings, with a low pony tail. I chose a simple black leather clutch cause I felt I had mixed enough textures and colors already.

This is how I created this edgy yet appropriate look for a wedding day. For me it worked, I felt comfortable and satisfied with it. Plus, I received great compliments!

Thanks a lot for reading!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

leather and denim, can never go wrong!

For this post, I want to share one of my favorite combination: leather + denim.

I love to wear it! It's a basic combination you can never go wrong wearing it. It goes perfect from day to night. For that reason,  I usually wear it for super busy days. Those kind of days that I have tons of activities, and don't have time to change my outfit.

For this look I wanted something simple and fresh. So I went for a leather "LBD", which is super basic, but it can be a little boring if I don't get creative. I mixed it with a distressed, cropped, denim vest with studs to give it an effortless vibe.

To finish it, I added a comfy pair of "Chelsea boots" (cause I knew I was going to walk a lot!), to keep the look simple and fresh.

I have to say, this outfit really worked for me on that crazy busy Monday. It kept me fresh and stylish all day and night!

Thanks a lot for reading!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mixing Prints

Continuing with the "10 thing to try this month" theme, tonight I'm going to write about how I dared myself to mix prints.

Honestly I'm not a big fan of prints, I like them but I don't wear them in the daily bases, so this was a kind of a hard challenge for me!

For this look I chose  my favorite printed skirts, it has a neon tropical print. I usually wear it with black pieces (I love to wear black) but this time, I chose to wear it whit a stripe print crop top.

It was a "meant to be" combination, it looked perfect! I added a denim jacket to finish it, so the look wouldn't be to baring.

For the shoes I went for a real wood pair of platforms. This ones are super comfortable to walk with, plus the add me height!

I really enjoyed wearing this look. It was fun and I didn't felt awkward at all, as a matter of fact, I felt really comfortable wearing it.

I dare you to try it sometime, this season is full of awesome prints. Adapt the ones you like the most to your own personal style and create great outfits!!