Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I wear WEAR.

For this season ponchos and robes are super trendy. I just can't get enough of this pieces, they are really easy to wear. They go well with pretty much anything, always adding lots of style to plain looks. 

I have to say that my ultimate favorite robe of my closet has to be this amazing feather print robe from "WEAR". I can literally wear it with anything anytime. I can either wear it on the beach with a bikini, crop tops and shorts or I can wear it for mild winter days, like in this look. 

Wearing it makes me really happy, I feel super confident, stylish and simply great. I think it's a must having a robe on your closet. It will save your "I don't have anything to wear" kind of days. Mix it with a hat and you will look amazing. 

Thanks a lot for reading! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fur and Claws

This winter began a little weird the days begin being really cold and suddenly it gets hot. For those extreme changes, personally I need versatile pieces: They have to be warm but also fresh and easy to wear. Like this high waisted pleated skirt and turtle neck crop top.

One of the warmest pieces I own in my closet are my fur vests. I believe one of the best ways to complete any wither outfit, other than adding a coat is adding a fur vest. And never say no to knee high socks ever. They are super comfy, warm and look great with mini skirts and shorts.

Thanks a lot for reading!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Number 01.

I think one of the easiest pieces to wear is the basic "lbd". It can be a little tricky to wear it though, because it's so easy to wear it can also be boring looking. So my secret to wear a lbd is always buy  the dress with lots of attitude. With and edgy look so you would never look boring or predictable. Even if you just wear the dress with a pair of heels.

This dress is very casual, but it has the ability to look great with basically any pair of shoes, even the dressy ones. I can also add a denim or leather jacket or vest and it looks fresh and edgy.

Thanks a lot for reading!!