"This is my first "do it your self" post. I must say, I really enjoy doing this kinds of projects in my spare time. I usually do it with pieces I already have in my closet, that I dont' like anymore. It's like giving new life to an old, dated piece.

For today's "DIY" I chose this long lace dress. I found this treasure in my aunt's closet, she told me she only wore it once, back on the 60's!!

I really loved how it fitted me, but it had an odd length. Besides it needed to have a sheer panel or something, the lace it's so beautiful but it didn't show because of the solid black lining underneath it.

 My solution was to chop both, the lace dress and the lining in separate ways. I left the dress on a knee length and the lining shorter so it would have a lace panel on the bottom. I cut the hem following the lace's own natural shape, so it could have more exposure.

This is how I chopped a lace dress for my very first time. I really love the results, now it's a basic, trendy and chic dress. I am going to use it a lot more often now. I promise to share some looks with it.

Thanks a lot for reading!!

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