I began this blog for all my friends who have always believed in me. They have been encouraging me for quite some time to do it. So finally here it is!!

The title of my blog it's a fragment from a Charles Bukowski poem: Style. The first time I read this poem I felt a deep connection with it, it was like Bukowski read my mind of what I think about Style. It is not about a fancy life style or expensive taste, I think it's a state of mind.

Honestly I'm a terrible writer, even worst if I have to write about myself. But I felt that it was time for me to share my ideals, thoughts and knowledge about my personal style to anyone who is interested.

It took me about 23 years to build my style and I'm still learning new things, making mistakes. Something that I've learned throughout these years, in order to have a personal style, is:

1. Learn to recognize who you truly are, what is it that you really crave, need and do not be ashamed of that, but instead feel proud of who you are.

2. Dare to try something new! Keep your mind open to every opportunity you get, regardless of what people say. If you have the itch of doing it "just do it".

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