Sunday, April 27, 2014

Shirt affair

A few days ago a had the pleasure to work with a great store called "Cephas Store". They sell all kinds of t-shirts promoting different bands, like: The devil wears prada, Demon hunter, Figure four, August burns red, The agony scene, and a lot more.

We shot a lot of different shirts, but I picked my favorite 5 looks. We created simple and effortless outfits, so the shirts would pop a lot more.

 I have to say that all of the shirt were super comfortable, plus they are really easy to wear. Either you can wear them down in a relax way or glam it a little for a casual trendy way.

Not only the shirts were super cool, but also the location we picked for the photoshoot is amazing. It's my second favorite place in the city. I have such great memories in this place, it literally has seen me grow. The vibe it's just great!

This was my first collab as "Dull thing with style" with a clothing store. I'm super honored and grateful for being part of this photo shoot.

- All of the shirts are from Cephas Store, you can visit here:

- Photos by Armin Alvarado

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Monday, April 21, 2014

The grandma, grey cardigan

I think the god of basics has to be the cardigan! It has been a basic even before basics where invented. This is one of those weird pieces that looks great on babies, kids, teens, adults and even great grandma's!! Honestly which other piece has that ability? It's just amazing!!

The cardigan can be a little tricky, either you look like a kid or like a mom. (Yep! I was called "ma'am" a few times before, just like the blazer! )  The key to wear it young, is to keep your inner outfit with edgy yet simple pieces.
Here are my 3 personal rules when I wear a cardigan.

     1. Wear a tank top or a sleeveless top. There's nothing more uncomfortable than wearing a thick  sleeve.
Never ever, wear it with a button down shirt or dress!This immediately ages me. 

    2. Wear easy going bottoms. It can be either any kind of shorts, cool jeans or a trendy skirt. Never a pencil skirt or trousers. They also immediately age me.

     3. Roll up a bit the sleeves, to give an effortless vibe to the whole look. ( I might break this rule sometimes, depending on the look I want to wear.)

For the shoes I don't have a rule. I literally wear any kind of shoe. For this look I wanted something more comfortable, cause I was going for a walk with my dog (a husky). So I really needed super comfy shoes for a busy hot summer day.

I loved this look, It not only worked for my morning walk with my dog, but also worked for a summer lunch and later when I grabbed some ice-coffee with friends.

Thanks a lot for reading!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The big black panther sweatshirt.

One of the most versatile and easy to wear piece, has to be the amazing sweatshirt. It literary goes with everything. You can either wear it down or wear it with a more polished chic look.

For this look I wanted a polished look but with a fresh more casual vibe.
I chose one of my favorite sweatshirts, It's black, comfy and has a big panther, what's there not to love?
The trick to create a chic look, is to add allure to it. And by that I mean adding pieces you never imagine them to go with a sweat shirt. For example:

 1. A statement necklace, It adds a more polished look.

  2. Add a trendy bottom, this gives a cool vibe to the whole look. It can be a trendy skirt, jeans, trousers or even overalls. It depends in wich direction you whant to go. I wanted a more casual and cool vibe, so I chose a trendy pair of jeans.

  3. Finish it up by adding a simple pair of heels, I love to wear minimal ankle straps, they always make my outfits look perfect!

I think what I love the most about the sweatshirt is, that they never go out of trend, no matter what I always have an effortless look, plus there is nothing more comfortable than wearing sweatshirts.

Thanks a lot for reading!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The perfect match

One of my ultimate favorite texture combination is the classic leather and denim. It doesn't matter which pieces are, if one is denim and the other one is leather, I know I am going to have a great outfit, for sure.

What I love the most about this mix is that is for every one!! You can adapt it to your personal style and make it your own.

For this look I wanted something fresh, comfortable and simple. I wore a light washed denim shirt, I fold over the sleeves a little, to make it look more effortless and casual. Also I wore my sporty leather mini shorts, this ones have mesh on the sides, making them look super cool.

I have to say, I have an addiction with the sports trend, every single piece in this trend not only has the super comfortable factor, but also adds a super cool vibe to every outfit you wear it with. I call it the super trend, plus it goes well with every type of body.

To add a little allure to the look, I decided to wear my studded ankle strap sandals. I love to wear heels with shorts, cause they make my legs look super long. The trick to look good with heels and shorts is to wear heels with ankle straps, booties or pointy pumps. Never with platform pumps, gladiator heels, knee boots, or peep-toe pumps. For me these are a don't, they make me feel tacky.

This outfit was so easy to wear, I think I might repeat it more than once. Changing a bit the accessories to make it a little different.

Thanks a lot for reading!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The boyish crop top

For tonight's post I am going to talk about the crop top. Although a lot of people don't consider it a basic, for me, it is. Not only because it's a really strong trend, but also it's very versatile and easy to wear.

 There are a bunch of crop top styles, some of them are flattering some aren't. The key to find the perfect one, is to know your own body. Personally the ones that fit me great are the ones that are really fitted to my body, or the ones that are a little over-sized. Because I'm busty I can not wear those that have a lot of embellishment or flares. They make me look heavy and squared.

For this look I chose a boyish crop top, it's like a regular t-shirt, so it's not to over- sized. To add sassiness to the look, I mixed with a neoprene, tropical print skirt. (This kinds of skirts are amazing, they fit great and go with almost everything.)

I wet to the zoo that day, so I really needed comfy shoes. I decided to wore my Pony sneakers, although at the end of the day I realized they weren't so comfy after all..

This was how I mixed and matched my boyish crop top. It was an easy going look, with an effortless vibe of course.

Thanks a lot for reading!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Over-size = comfy-size

Yesterday I had one of the greatest day's of the year so far! I had the pleasure to assist to "Bonito mi barrio" street art exhibition, later I attended to an anime convention. Which I have to admit I had a great time!

Because these where outdoors events besides it was a really hot sunny day, I decided to wear a comfy mesh tank top. This tank is amazing for hot summer days, it's breezy, sheer and fabulous. I consider it a basic piece in every wardrobe, no matter your style, you always need an over-sized black tank top.

I wanted an edgy look, so I wore my trusty high-waisted shorts. Instead of wearing my tank inside my shorts, I decided to wear it like a mini dress, so I would feel more fresh, free and comfortable.

Underneath my sheer tank, I wore a white and turquoise bikini top. I mean why not, the day was so hot, plus I was going to summer parties so I could get away with it.

I finished my outfit with my wonderful sporty high-stack ankle straps, (they are so comfy it's like wearing sneakers!)  and my always so chic body necklace.

I love to wear over-sized clothing, my secret is not to wear all my over-sized pieces at the same time. If I do so, I would look sloppy and neglected. I like to create a balance between a nice fitting piece and always wear heels to make the piece appealing and simply chic.

Thanks a lot for reading!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blue jeans, White shirt

For tonight's post I'm sharing another simple and basic outfit: The classic blue jeans mixed with a plain white shirt.

I always say, "when in doubt wear jeans." They are so versatile, no matter what, they will always look good whith anything, even with sneakers! The thing with jeans is that they must fit your body great.  I have slim legs, but that means that I also have a slim butt. So that means I get to wear any type of cut with a natural waist. The drop waist looks terrible on me from behind.

For this look I wore a light washed skinny jeans with a white silk, over-sized shirt. I love wearing skinny jeans with over-sized tops, it looks effortless and cool. If the shirt is to over-sized I like to tuck it a little inside the jeans.

I also wore a simple grey cardigan, to add a little bit more texture to the look. Plus it was a chilly  afternoon. 

To add a pop of color I wore my bold coral red pumps, they are perfect for simple outfits. They have the ability to upgrade a sort of boring outfit to a great minimal one.

I wore this look for those crazy Mondays full of work. I felt super comfortable and fresh the whole day!

Thanks a lot for reading!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The distressed denim skirt

Tonight I'm going to write about my basic denim pencil skirt. I find pencil skirts really easy to wear, they go well with almost anything.

What I like to do, when wearing a pencil skirt is:

                                 1. If the skirt is not so figure fitting like this one, I like to wear it with fitted tops.
                                 2. I always wear them with heels. So my legs don't look short. Sometimes I break
                                     this rule wearing it with some sporty sneakers, but never ever with flats.

I wore this distressed pencil skirt with a black basic crop top. This one is made of neoprene so it's really fitted, almost like a bodycon. I goes really well with any high-waisted bottom, if they aren't to short. 

I had to work that day, so I needed to wear comfy heels. This ankle straps are super comfortable, I can walk all day with them.

This look was simple and easy to wear, I must say this kinds of skirts are not very comfortable though. If you are used to give long steps when walking, you'll probably wont like wearing them. But for me they always work really well for my kind of job.

Thank you so much for reading!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Those boyfriend shorts

Because April is the iconic month of summer here in Guatemala, I'm going to dedicate this month to post my simple effortless summer looks.

Tonight I'll like to write about my favorite pair of shorts ever! They don't show off my body as the others, but they are super comfy and easy to wear. They are actually real boyfriend shorts, they are made for men, that's why they fit me like they do. 

That day in particular was super hot, so I really wanted a simple fresh look.
I wore my lovely boyfriend shorts with a simple basic white tank top. (You can never go wrong wearing blue jeans and a white shirt!)

I wanted to add something different to lift up a basic, kinda boring look, so I added this incredible body necklace. I love how it lifts up basic looks, it just gives life to literary any shirt.

I was feeling a little adventurous, instead of wearing black heels I decided to wear my statement coral red pumps. They gave a trendy vibe to a simple basic outfit.

So now you know simple and basic doesn't mean it has to be boring, with little details you can pull off basic looks!

(This great photos were taken by my amazing best friend! Thank you so much, love you!!)

Thanks a lot for reading!!