Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Those boyfriend shorts

Because April is the iconic month of summer here in Guatemala, I'm going to dedicate this month to post my simple effortless summer looks.

Tonight I'll like to write about my favorite pair of shorts ever! They don't show off my body as the others, but they are super comfy and easy to wear. They are actually real boyfriend shorts, they are made for men, that's why they fit me like they do. 

That day in particular was super hot, so I really wanted a simple fresh look.
I wore my lovely boyfriend shorts with a simple basic white tank top. (You can never go wrong wearing blue jeans and a white shirt!)

I wanted to add something different to lift up a basic, kinda boring look, so I added this incredible body necklace. I love how it lifts up basic looks, it just gives life to literary any shirt.

I was feeling a little adventurous, instead of wearing black heels I decided to wear my statement coral red pumps. They gave a trendy vibe to a simple basic outfit.

So now you know simple and basic doesn't mean it has to be boring, with little details you can pull off basic looks!

(This great photos were taken by my amazing best friend! Thank you so much, love you!!)

Thanks a lot for reading!! 

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