Thursday, June 26, 2014

My dull scent

I've been wanting to share more about my style with you guys, this is my first post  (of many, I hope) about my beauty products.  I promise to write every Wednesday a lifestyle post, so you can get to know my overall style a little bit more.

Basically all of these products are the ones who leave me smelling great. I know they are a lot! but I stick to only two basic scents: fruity and floral. Naturally they go really well together, so I'm not scared of mixing them.

For my daily moisturizer I use cocoa & Shea butter Suave body cream, this leaves a really light vanillaish scent on my body. I use Polo Ralph Lauren #2 perfume and mist, this leaves a floral scent. For my hair I use Argan oil leave in cream, (it leaves a floral scent). Smoothing stuff from Bed Head, this is a hair styling cream (it has an amazing fruity scent). And because my hair it's so long it gets tangled a lot so I use Jhonson's baby anti-tangled hair spray, (it leaves a fruity scent.)

I hope you like it! If you have any questions feel free to ask ;)


In one of my posts, I wrote about how I love to make a " to do" list for the month. Basically is a must try trends list.

One of the things I was really tempted to try, was to wear a bold orange lipstick. So I went to the beauty department looking for the perfect orange lipstick.

There was an overwhelming amount of orange lipsticks, in different varieties. But with the help of the nice promoter lady I was able to find the perfect one! I bought the "285 Temptation Tentation" by Covergirl. It leaves a metallic effect, it's smooth and has an amazing scent. Plus I just loved the name, it was so appropriate.

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