Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunny Salmon Knit

I love to wear shorts, but sometimes it gets kinda boring wearing them with just a top. I get this feeling like I can style them a lot more! 
The other day I visited the boutique "BOHO", here in Guatemala City, and I found this amazing salmon knit dress. The minute I saw it I knew it would go perfect with shorts and a crop top or in this case a sports bra. Plus it's super comfy, the length is splendid and the color enhances my sun kissed skin. So I had to have it!! 
BOHO has a lot more pretty, feminine dresses. You girls should definitely go visit!! It's truly a cozy, beautiful boutique!! 

These amazing photos were taken by dear talented friend Pablo Estrada Segura. 
Thanks a lot for reading!! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Naked legs and Wanderlut feet: The Perfect Match!

A few weeks ago I had the honor to model some of the most awesome hand made shoes in Guatemala: Wanderlust Wear. (for more info follow the link)
I mixed this amazing shoes with own personal style. I created three different outfits inspired by three pairs of Wanderlusts. When I wear cool shoes I like to show them off, the best way to do it, is by keeping my legs bare, simple prints and neutral colors. 
I must add that this shoes are not only super cool, but also super comfy! Plus these ones in particular have a limited edition print made by the talented artist Kris Tate.

These beautiful pictures were taken by Shoot for Smile.

Thank you guys for reading!!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

All I have is denim in my head.

One of my personal fashion challenges was to rock a cap. For me it's extremely hard to wear hats or caps, cause my head it's to big, so I feel silly wearing them.

This cap is special though, that's why I gave it a shot. It's from Zoad 1, I really love that it's made of a cool washed denim with leather details. Plus it's super comfortable and best of all it fits my big head properly.

I wanted to wear a simple outfit, so I mixed my Zoad cap with an oversize knit sweater, a skater neoprene skirt and a classy pair of ankle straps. These shoes gave the whole look a feminine and sophisticated touch.

This is how I think I rocked a cap, I hope you guys like it!

These amazing pictures were taken by awesome and talented photographer  Pablo Estrada Segura.

Thanks a lot for reading!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


(Photo by Lester Liquens)

A couple of weeks ago was the world wide instameet, I had the pleasure to be part of this amazing project here in Guatemala. I really have to thank from the bottom of my heart to Mono del Espacio for making me part of this and most of all, believing in me. (you should all check his work out, it's incredible!)

(Photo by Gustavo Dávila)

That day was a really hot, but in the morning rained a little. So I decided to wear was a skort (for the heat), a super comfy tank from Zoad 1, (this tanks look great with anithyng you wear!) an amazing rain vest (in case it rained) and some high heel booties.

(Photo by Lester Liquens)

This is another way to wear a skirt for rainy days, again I think the key is layering (in this case the vest.) and the booties, so my feet wouldn't get wet. This is a more easy going outfit, super comfortable and I just felt great the whole day (I walked nonstop that day!).

Thank you so much Gustavo Dávila and Lester Liquens for this beautiful photos!!
If you want to see more photos of that day go to instragram #instameetgt #wwim9 #wwimgt

Thanks a lot for reading!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Waltheria for rainy days

Thanks to the lovely anon who wrote me a couple of days ago, I am going to write a few posts of how I dress for grey rainy days, wearing shorts, skirts and dresses.

I think the best way to dress for rainy days is by adding layers to your outfit. By layers I don’t just mean adding a jacket or coat, it can also be stockings or leggings. These ones look really good with shorts, skirts and dresses. (Personally I don’t like to wear leggings unless I’m going to my yoga class, but I do wear stockings a lot.)

For this outfit I based it on this great shirt by Waltheria. I mixed it with short shorts and some black stockings underneath.

For the shoes, I wore my trusty chelsea ankle boots. These boots have the power to look great no matter what I wear them with! Besides, there is nothing I hate more than getting my feet wet, so the best way to avoid this, is wearing boots, boties or pumps.

I also wore my fantastic C'santos necklace to add a little pop of color to the whole outfit.

It was a look really easy and fun to wear, it kept me warm and comfortable the whole day! 
Again, this amazing photos were taken by the talented photographer Pablo Estrada Segura.
Thank you so much for reading!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Shirt affair

A few days ago a had the pleasure to work with a great store called "Cephas Store". They sell all kinds of t-shirts promoting different bands, like: The devil wears prada, Demon hunter, Figure four, August burns red, The agony scene, and a lot more.

We shot a lot of different shirts, but I picked my favorite 5 looks. We created simple and effortless outfits, so the shirts would pop a lot more.

 I have to say that all of the shirt were super comfortable, plus they are really easy to wear. Either you can wear them down in a relax way or glam it a little for a casual trendy way.

Not only the shirts were super cool, but also the location we picked for the photoshoot is amazing. It's my second favorite place in the city. I have such great memories in this place, it literally has seen me grow. The vibe it's just great!

This was my first collab as "Dull thing with style" with a clothing store. I'm super honored and grateful for being part of this photo shoot.

- All of the shirts are from Cephas Store, you can visit here:

- Photos by Armin Alvarado

Thanks a lot for reading!

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