Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blue jeans, White shirt

For tonight's post I'm sharing another simple and basic outfit: The classic blue jeans mixed with a plain white shirt.

I always say, "when in doubt wear jeans." They are so versatile, no matter what, they will always look good whith anything, even with sneakers! The thing with jeans is that they must fit your body great.  I have slim legs, but that means that I also have a slim butt. So that means I get to wear any type of cut with a natural waist. The drop waist looks terrible on me from behind.

For this look I wore a light washed skinny jeans with a white silk, over-sized shirt. I love wearing skinny jeans with over-sized tops, it looks effortless and cool. If the shirt is to over-sized I like to tuck it a little inside the jeans.

I also wore a simple grey cardigan, to add a little bit more texture to the look. Plus it was a chilly  afternoon. 

To add a pop of color I wore my bold coral red pumps, they are perfect for simple outfits. They have the ability to upgrade a sort of boring outfit to a great minimal one.

I wore this look for those crazy Mondays full of work. I felt super comfortable and fresh the whole day!

Thanks a lot for reading!!

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