Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The distressed denim skirt

Tonight I'm going to write about my basic denim pencil skirt. I find pencil skirts really easy to wear, they go well with almost anything.

What I like to do, when wearing a pencil skirt is:

                                 1. If the skirt is not so figure fitting like this one, I like to wear it with fitted tops.
                                 2. I always wear them with heels. So my legs don't look short. Sometimes I break
                                     this rule wearing it with some sporty sneakers, but never ever with flats.

I wore this distressed pencil skirt with a black basic crop top. This one is made of neoprene so it's really fitted, almost like a bodycon. I goes really well with any high-waisted bottom, if they aren't to short. 

I had to work that day, so I needed to wear comfy heels. This ankle straps are super comfortable, I can walk all day with them.

This look was simple and easy to wear, I must say this kinds of skirts are not very comfortable though. If you are used to give long steps when walking, you'll probably wont like wearing them. But for me they always work really well for my kind of job.

Thank you so much for reading!!

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