Sunday, May 25, 2014

Waltheria for rainy days

Thanks to the lovely anon who wrote me a couple of days ago, I am going to write a few posts of how I dress for grey rainy days, wearing shorts, skirts and dresses.

I think the best way to dress for rainy days is by adding layers to your outfit. By layers I don’t just mean adding a jacket or coat, it can also be stockings or leggings. These ones look really good with shorts, skirts and dresses. (Personally I don’t like to wear leggings unless I’m going to my yoga class, but I do wear stockings a lot.)

For this outfit I based it on this great shirt by Waltheria. I mixed it with short shorts and some black stockings underneath.

For the shoes, I wore my trusty chelsea ankle boots. These boots have the power to look great no matter what I wear them with! Besides, there is nothing I hate more than getting my feet wet, so the best way to avoid this, is wearing boots, boties or pumps.

I also wore my fantastic C'santos necklace to add a little pop of color to the whole outfit.

It was a look really easy and fun to wear, it kept me warm and comfortable the whole day! 

Again, this amazing photos were taken by the talented photographer Pablo Estrada Segura.

Thank you so much for reading!!


  1. Thank you :) Loved the post.

    1. Your very wellcome!! I'm glad you liked it! I still have some more to post ;)